Dogecoin Community Tracks Down Hacker As MyDogeWallet Is Compromised Again

By Bitcoinist - 3 months ago - Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dogecoin Community Tracks Down Hacker As MyDogeWallet Is Compromised Again

The identity of the person responsible for the recent hack of the Dogecoin wallet, MyDogeWallet’s X (formerly Twitter) account, has been revealed. This comes following a commendable effort by the Dogecoin community to track down this individual. 

The Person Responsible For The Dogecoin Wallet Hack

Salty, a member of the Dogecoin community, shared the X profile (@manager95439) of the person responsible for the hack in an X post. Interestingly, this hacker is said to be the same individual who carried out the first hack on the MyDogeWallet account back in December last year. 

The Hacker, who goes by the name Patrick on their profile, has also apparently carried hacks on several other X accounts besides MyDogeWallet’s. Particularly, the hacker is believed to have hacked the X account of the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling protocol Loopring back in November last year.

Having revealed Patrick’s profile, Salty questioned why the X team had not deleted his profile since the first hack occurred on the MyDogeWallet account. He also seemed frustrated as he stated that Patrick, the hacker, seems to have been “roaming free” for several months now without facing any consequences. 

Meanwhile, Alex, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of My Doge Wallet, also confirmed in an X post that the X profile in question was indeed the hacker’s primary account. Alex further added that the X Security team had been notified. 

However, at the time of writing, the account is still active. It is worth mentioning that the hacker has not made any posts since the first hack, with his only two posts coming back in September last year.

How This Recent Hack Occurred

MyDogeWallet mentioned in an X post that the hacker was able to post messages on their account using “Delegate Access,” which was added during the previous hack. This Delegate Access is said to have gone undetected until this second hack occurred. This revelation also suggests that the same hacker was indeed responsible for both hacks. 

The Dogecoin wallet also assured its users that it had regained control of the account and removed the hacker’s access. They also urged everyone to check the “Delegate Access” section in their X settings for anything suspicious so they don’t fall victim to a similar attack. 

Back when the first hack occurred, Alex revealed that the hacker gained access to the account through a SIM swap attack. Then, he admitted not enabling 2-factor authentication (2FA) on the account as that would have “prevented the hack immediately.” 

Original source: Bitcoinist