Grayscale Bitcoin ETF Bleeds: Traders Make $579 Million Run On The Fund

By NewsBTC - 4 months ago - Reading Time: 2 minutes

Grayscale Bitcoin ETF Bleeds: Traders Make $579 Million Run On The Fund

Grayscale, an American digital asset management company, has witnessed a staggering amount of outflows in its Spot Bitcoin ETF, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). Analysts speculate that the outflows may be linked to several factors, including high trading fees and accounting irregularities. 

Grayscale Experiences Massive Outflows

After successfully securing approval for its Spot Bitcoin ETF against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Grayscale experienced steady inflows in its GBTC. However, recent reports suggest that the company’s gains may have been premature, as Grayscale’s GBTC recently experienced a significant outflow of approximately $594 million. 

According to James Seyffart, a Bloomberg Analyst on X (formerly Twitter), Grayscale has encountered total net outflows of $1.173 billion for its Spot Bitcoin ETF. 

Seyffart presented a screenshot of a spreadsheet detailing the cumulative inflows and trading volumes witnessed by various Spot btc ETF companies, including Bitwise, ARK/21 Shares, VanEck, and more. The analyst revealed that while many of these companies saw large amounts of inflows, the gains were not sufficient enough to offset Grayscale’s substantial outflow of almost $600 million. 

Seyffart suggested that Grayscale’s lagging outflows may be a result of T+1 accounting and settlement processes causing outflows from previous days to be reflected in recent data. On the other hand, an X user has published a scathing critique on Grayscale, stating that the crypto asset management company may continue to experience a massive exodus of shareholders due to its exorbitant ETF fees. 

Several investors may have shifted towards more affordable Spot Bitcoin ETFs, as GBTC’s ETF has an expense ratio of 1.5%, making it the most expensive Spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States. 

When asked by an X user why there were heavy outflows in Grayscale’s Spot Bitcoin ETF, Senior Bloomberg Analyst Eric Balchunas stated:

“A lot of traders came in to play the discount closing so they left to take profits, there are also captive average investors who may have decided to stomach the tax hit in order to flee the 1.5% fee, I’d expect more over time.”

Spot Bitcoin ETF Records $10 Billion In Trading Volume

The crypto market’s recent response to the increased levels of trading activities in Spot Bitcoin ETFs has been remarkably positive. 

Seyffart shared in a post on X that Spot Bitcoin ETFs have achieved an impressive trading volume of almost $10 billion in just three days. This massive trading activity underscores the growing interest and positive shift in investor sentiment regarding Spot BTC ETFs. 

In a similar vein, Balchunas disclosed that several recently launched Spot Bitcoin ETFs had seen significant inflows totalling $1.4 billion. Leading the group, iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), the Spot Bitcoin ETF of BlackRock, has secured the top spot with half a billion in inflows, followed by Fidelity in second place ahead of other ETFs. 

According to Balchunas, all 500 ETFs introduced in 2023 have accumulated approximately $450 million in volume, indicating a promising upward trend for the Spot Bitcoin ETF market.

Original source: NewsBTC