Cheapest bank wire transfer to France

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How to send money to France

Wise coupon for FranceNeed the cheapest overseas bank wire transfer option to France? In the article below you'll find a way for a free international wire transfer! If you not qualify for the FREE transfer you will at least be 7/8 times cheaper than regular transfer options.

What is Wise?

If you want to transfer money quickly TransferWise is a great solution. They are using a local network of banks and automated the full process. Due to this digital innovation TransferWise is able to get you a super good rate to transfer money from your bank account to Euro. When you sign up via this link, its even FREE to transfer your first $500!

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Video what is Wise

Cheap overseas bank wire transfer to France

When you're looking for the best bank options, Wise is one of the cheapest, safest and easiest options out there. As a comparison the image below shows you what it will costs to send 500 euro to 500 USD overseas.

  1. Step 1: fill in de amount you want to transfer
  2. Step 2: Choose the transfer type (cheapest option)cheap bank wire transfer
  3. Step 3: Choose to who you want to the send money to in France
  4. Step 4: Fill in their email / bank details. Super easy to transfer money to a connected Wise account
  5. Step 5: Choose the preferred language of person that receives the money. To communicate the status of the transfer
  6. Step 6: Confirm & final check the transfer
  7. Step 7: Send the transfer
  8. Step 8: Choose the way to pay (like credit card, bank transfer etc)

Messages during the international wire transfer to France
  • Confirmation screen: You will see the international wire transfer to France is started
  • You will receive update messages about the transfer in your email and app if you have installed the Wise APP.

Cheap bank wire to send money overseas

In the images below I will display you the current rates to transfer from EURO to USD as an example for your transfer to France. In some cases you can save up to $45USD to $90USD on only a $500USD transfer! Please make sure you always check the rates yourself in the process.

cheapest international bank wire transfer
cheapest international bank wire transfer

How do I avoid fees on international wire transfer?

  1. First important thing to look for is the transfer fee, that should be at a good rate.
  2. Second thing to watch is the exchange rate, simply said how much of the overseas money do you get for your local money.
  3. Another thing to watch are hidden fees like; extra commissions like Credit Card/Paypal usage fees etc to get the money online

cheapest bank wire transfer
cheapest bank wire transfer