Dogecoin Community Alert: My Doge Wallet X Account Has Been Compromised

By Bitcoinist - 7 months ago - Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dogecoin Community Alert: My Doge Wallet X Account Has Been Compromised

On the back of the tenth anniversary of Dogecoin, the community has run into another problem. The official X (formerly Twitter) account of the official DOGE wallet has reportedly been compromised, and community members have been advised to stay away for now.

DOGE Wallet Account Compromised

On Thursday, Dogecoin influencer Mishaboar informed the community of a critical security breach. According to Mishaboar, the official X account for My Doge Wallet, @MyDogeOfficial, suffered a security breach in the late hours of Wednesday.

Following the trend of other notable crypto accounts that have been compromised in recent times, the hackers did not waste any time posting scam links on the account. The link posted on the account’s 24,800 followers led to a wallet drainer, and users have been advised to refrain from clicking any links on the account for now.

“WARNING #Dogecoin, this is important: @MyDogeOfficial, the official X account of the very popular MyDoge wallet, has been compromised, pointing to a scam website which will attempt to drain your ETH wallet assets. STAY AWAY and spread the warning please!” Mishaboar warned.

Alex, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the My Doge Wallet also confirmed the security breach in a separate post. The CTO was swift to inform the Dogecoin community of the breach, asking community members to “disregard all messages from the account.”

Dogecoin Mobile And Wallets Remain Safe

Following the security breach on the official X account of My Doge Wallet, Dogecoin community members were understandably worried about how far-reaching the breach was. In this vein, Alex also took to the social media platform to allay fears of a wallet security breach.

The CTO informed the community that the breach was localized to the X account alone and nothing else was affected. According to him, the mobile app remains completely safe and unaffected, and wallets are still safe to use.

Alex further stressed the safety of the My Doge Wallet mobile app in another post. “To be 100000% clear. Wallets are NEVER at risk!” He assured community members. “That’s what self custody means,” Alex added.

According to the CTO, they are still working with X to resolve the issue and regain ownership of the account. However, for now, he advises users to stay away from the account, saying:

1) @MyDogeOfficial account was hacked

2) This does not affect user wallets OR data, in anyway possible

3) Don’t click links shared from the account

4) @x is working to resolve it for us

Original source: Bitcoinist